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Image by Leon Bublitz

the vision of a travellers paradise

Bitcoin is the most powerful invention of our times and never in the history of human beings has there been a technology being adopted so fast.

By now, almost everyone has at least heard of it and many own it.

However most still don't understand its potential and even less people use it regularly as a means of exchange.

We at Bitcoin-Hostel want to show real life usecases and educate open minded travellers about its great potential. By doing so we hope to bring humanity a small but meaningful step closer to a circular Bitcoin Standard.



Learning by doing is what works for most. At Bitcoin-Hostel we accept only Bitcoin payments.

You don't have Bitcoin yet? No problem. At the Bitcoin ATM in the lobby you can buy your first SATS.

Also we will offer courses on what Bitcoin is and how to use it.

Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are a guest or a curious neighbour.


We are aiming to become a Bitcoin Hub for the whole area and want to include every person that is interested.




Most travellers don't think about Bitcoin all day long (neither do we), so we will also host an extensive sports program.


One of the most popular ones will be for sure surf courses at the beautiful beaches of Algarve, Portugal.

Yoga is also a great way to find your inner balance and diggest the many beautiful things you experienced during this travel.



After a long day of learning, sports and sunbathing at the beach we want to offer a freshly made dinner.


Every evening there will only be one plate. Take it or leave it, but we can guarantee that it's going to be delicious since all our ingrediences will come from our own organic garden or from butchers, fishers and farmers of the area.

Just like sound money, we will only use sound food.



In the end most experiences become only great when you are with amazing people to share it with.

We want to encourage every guest to have an awesome, unforgetable time with each other. 

Let's all share our travel stories, what we have learned during this trip and how Bitcoin changes the world.

Our message is one of hope!

Meet the main organizer

"My Name is Albert. I'm an Architect and I'm a Bitcoiner. I love to travel, do sports, meet people of different cultures, taste new foods, be outside in nature. In other words: I like to live life.

However, I believe that our current monetary system makes it hard for people. It is made in a way that only a small elite profits, but most struggle in a 9-5 job fighting against inflation, being a slave of consumerism.

Bitcoin gives me hope, that there is a valid alternativ. If we replace our current monetary system with a sound money that incentivizes people to lower their time preference, more can live a fulfilling and sustainable life.

With Bitcoin-Hostel we want to show locals and travellers in a fun, memorable and practical way how such a future could look like."


Albert Wolframm, 31

Bitcoiner since 2017, Architect

How we will make this dream come true

Camper laser_edited.jpg

Step 1

Buy a camper with laser eyes

In order to find a good location to build on, we have to spend a lot of time in the area.

We think going with a camper is a fun and smart way to explore the sites.

It gives us a lot of flexability and safes money. Especially if it takes longer to find the right property.


Step 2

Get the word out to find support

In march 2022 we opened up a new twitter account and after a short time of tweeting we already have more than 2.000 Followers, we got invited to several podcast and Cointelegraph wrote an article about our endeavor.

You guys are amazing! Thanks for your support!

This is only the beginning though. Please keep on spreading the word, so we can grow our audience.


Step 3

Sort out finance

We see Bitcoin as a grassroots movement. It's money from the people, for the people and as such we want to encourage as many people as possible to chip in some SATS.

If you believe that our Idea could work and accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin in Europe, please help us out. Every amount helps!

Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador has shown what a great impact a small project, financed by donors, can have on the whole area and eventually the world.


Step 4

Find a great piece of land

The economy in southern Portugal is in bad conditions and that is why many people are selling their property for small amounts.

We believe though, that Algarve does have a great potential and that's why we want to invest in it.

Finding a good property however can be very challenging. So we want to patiently, with low time preference search for a perfect location.


It should be at least 1 - 2 Ha large, very close to the beach and by law and nature be developable.

If you know any sellers, we would appreciate any good hint.


Step 5

Host Architectural Competition

Once we have found a good piece of land, we want to start, in the spirits of Bitcoin, a international design competition.


We will upload the necessary plans for everyone to download and then, any person that's interested (no matter if they are architects or not) can send a proposal within a certain timeframe.

The one with the most Hash... eh sorry, Design-Power will win!


Step 6

Start Construction

Since I am a professional architect with several years of experience I will overview the construction site myself.

But we will be grateful for every single hand that can help. We want to build this place in a team effort using everyone's best skills.


So when the time has come, we invite every craftsmen and women to reach out to us.


Step 7

Welcome first Guests

Finally we will open the hostel to our guests and to anyone that is curious about our project.

This is when the real work will start. Finding a good balance between education and fun is probably challenging.

But if we do it right, it has the potential to spread the Bitcoin fire to thousands and thousands of people in the neighbourhood and around the world.

Help us make this dream come true!

You can become part of our community by


sharing/retweeting the idea

giving advice

donating Bitcoin

participating in the Architectural Competition

helping Construction

and one day visit in person

Lets go Cyberhornets!

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